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About Us

With experience, expertise and commitment to customer service, the owners of Spray Tech Coatings have been installing spray-on bed liners for over 18 years. We have sprayed over 8,000 Liners!

We spray our liners for most of the OEM dealers in the Grand Rapids area. They have trusted us year after year to provide quality for their customers.

Spray Tech bed liners last. We use the latest technology and equipment to make sure that you have the best possible product. Quite simply, we will stand behind each for our spray projects. Whether you have a pick-up truck box, play ground equipment or a water tank, there is a coatings solution from Spray Tech Coatings.

We are on time and on budget. At Spray Tech we understand that when you come to us you have a coatings problem that needs to be solved. We have a technical staff from our material supplier that is second to none with matching the correct material and the correct installation technique. Both are important to the success of your project. Even if we have done your type of job hundreds of times before, we still treat it like custom work.

Every Spray-on bed liner we do has a warranty bed tag with my cell phone number on it. 616-307-8573
Kevin and Melissa Vander Molen
Spray Tech Coatings inc.